Online Payment Platform migration to AWS

Online Payment Platform migration to the AWS Public Cloud

The Challenge

HeleCloud has been working with the Dutch company Online Payment Platform to migrate their workloads to AWS. Online Payment Platform is a payment service provider which provides payment tools to platforms and marketplaces, making it easier for users to pay each other. Online Payment Platform handles seller onboarding, payments and payouts through their powerful API’s. Online Payment Platform was founded in 2014 and at the time was using a traditional hosting provider. As the company grew rapidly, the on-prem provider struggled with providing the needed security, scalability and resilience. Online Payment Platform then asked HeleCloud for а high performance, reliable yet cost-effective solution that would be future proof.

The Solution

Choosing the right solution was critical in enabling the Online Payment Platform to serve platforms and marketplaces at any time, regardless of the number of active users and payments processed by their system. It was crucial to create an infrastructure solution that minimised downtime, would scale where and when needed and would allow rapid development of their services. These criteria led Online Payment Platform to the AWS Public Cloud. The HeleCloud Netherlands team indicated the situation for a migration from on-premises to AWS within a few days. Thereafter, HeleCloud’s consultants presented a report, on which HeleCloud based an infrastructure and Landing Zone, tailor made for Online Payment Platform.

Results Delivered

HeleCloud deployed a full CI/CD solution for Online Payment Platform using the Gitlab platform. Then HeleCloud engineers made sure that Online Payment Platform was ready to respond to traffic demand by using EC2 Auto Scaling Groups and Amazon Aurora. Last, HeleCloud made sure to meet their security and compliance goals through centralised logging by implementing a SIEM solution. HeleCloud continues to be a proud partner of Online Payment Platform to date, supporting the organisation with their 24/7 HeleCloud Managed Services.

“HeleCloud is an expert on AWS Public Cloud and is capable oftranslating our business needs into future proof solutions.”

Mike Palm, CTO, Online Payment Platform



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