Julien Simon, Principal Evangelist at AWS, presented SageMaker at the 11th AWS Bulgaria meetup

Julien Simon, Principal Evangelist at AWS presented SageMaker, the new fully-managed AWS service that enables developers and data scientists to quickly and easily build, train, and deploy machine learning models at any scale at the 11th AWS Bulgaria meetup, supported by HeleCloud on 18 April 2018.

“Knowledge, experience and achievements sharing have great importance for the professional development of each specialist. HeleCloud has a long-term dedication to support AWS Bulgaria meetups. Our team shared practical experience and unconventional technology solutions with colleagues during the previous two events. We are happy to work together with the AWS Bulgaria User Group for the development of Cloud professionals in Bulgaria and knowledge sharing, which aides wider development of this professional community in Bulgaria”, said Dob Todorov, CEO, HeleCloud.

Julien Simon holds all seven AWS certifications. He demonstrated the main advantages of SageMaker – an end-to-end machine learning platform with zero setups which does not require any infrastructure knowledge. SageMaker enables Cloud experts to focus on data visualisation and analysis; model training and parameter tuning while significantly reduces the amount of time needed to train, tune, and deploy machine learning models. It enables the use of deep learning framework of choice for model training. Julien Simon also demonstrated how to build, train and use models based on different network architectures.

“We created the AWS Bulgaria User Group with the intention to build a community for sharing of interesting and useful content related to AWS, cloud computing and DevOps. Everybody is welcome to share experience and tips not only as a guest but also as a speaker. I’m delighted to host Julien Simon together with HeleCloud in Bulgaria because knowledge sharing has a great value for us all”, noted Ivaylo Bratoev, organiser of  AWS Bulgaria User Group.

The AWS Bulgaria User Group is a community that brings together engineers interested in the AWS Platform, Cloud computing and DevOps. The group aims at presenting useful and interesting content on AWS topics and encouraging discussions and networking.

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