HeleCloud partners with SoftUni to deliver an AWS Infrastructure Architectures course

Sofia, 22 October 2020: This month, HeleCloud and the Software University (SoftUni), the largest training center for software engineers in the South-Eastern Europe launched a new training course on AWS Infrastructure architecture in partnership with AWS Educate, an AWS grant programme for students, educators and academic researchers.

HeleCloud created and developed the course to include the disciplines, services and content required for an AWS SA Associate Certification. It teaches students the basics about the AWS platform, global infrastructure and core services, and how to recognise the terminology and concepts as they relate to the AWS platform. Also, the course demonstrates how to navigate the AWS Management Console, foundational servers, AWS security measures, as well as using the AWS database services, and understanding the AWS management tools.

The programme, led by Dimitar Vachev, HeleCloud Cloud Training and Performance Manager, is enriched with industry best practices, provides demos and practical exercises. As guest speakers, HeleCloud top senior engineers and consultants will teach the cloud content using pragmatic hands-on examples and sharing real-life scenarios. For its commitment to adding value to the Cloud education, HeleCloud was awarded Gold Partner status by SoftUni.

“I am delighted to be part of a company that is investing so much in the development of cloud engineers and in the education in Bulgaria as a whole. HeleCloud is determined to support the next generation of engineers into the dynamically changing business environment, and to be up to date with the most innovative technologies today – with the use of the Cloud. It is a privilege for me to be part of such a professional team and run this course together with some of our best engineers”, commented Dimitar Vachev. 

Tens of thousands of students pass through SoftUni every year. Founded in 2014, the Software University provides quality education, profession, job and diploma opportunities for programmers, software engineers and IT professionals. It successfully builds a strong connection between education and industry by providing practical, contemporary and high-quality teaching of modern software technologies.

HeleCloud is on a mission to empower the future workforce through partnering with educational institutions and supporting students to acquire knowledge and skills to achieve their own career success. This year HeleCloud marked another successful year for its joint educational programme with the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” where they introduced AWS Educate.