HeleCloud opening an office on Mount Everest to be closer to the Cloud

Everest Base Camp, 1 April 2021: At HeleCloud we consistently strive to achieve customer and delivery excellence. Our primary focus is embarking our customers on their journey to the Cloud with the utmost ease and least amount of friction as possible. With this journey to the Cloud in mind, we’re proud to announce the opening of a new HeleCloud office on Basecamp in Mount Everest.

Our Mount Everest office design and planning includes a landing zone with control tower for customers to have a new environment immediately after arrival. Unfortunately, the Well Architected Review of the tent that houses our office (as can be seen on the picture) revealed several High-Risk Items that will be remediated as soon as possible.

We’re currently hiring staff for this location. Are you looking for:

  • A career working in the Cloud?
  • An office with a view? 
  • An enjoyable commute in the fresh each morning (occasional frostbite may occur)? 

If this sounds the ideal place to work (and you function well on low oxygen) please apply now and join us in bringing the Cloud closer than ever before.