HeleCloud celebrates its new office in Sofia with over 100 customers, partners, friends and employees

Sofia, 14 June 2019:

HeleCloud yesterday announced the opening of its new office in Sofia, Bulgaria. This expansion reflects the company’s phenomenal growth over the last three years, both in revenue and size. HeleCloud celebrated the opening of its new office with a glamorous event last night, joined by over 100 local and international customers, partners, friends and employees.

“We are successful not only because of what we do. HeleCloud is successful because we have some of the most innovative customers who constantly challenge and make us explore new possibilities striving to deliver the best solutions for our clients’ business“, said Dob Todorov, CEO.

Founded in London in 2016, HeleCloud has been successful in helping customers build a better business in the Cloud. In this short time, the company has won over 50 customers across Europe and is on track to experience quadruple-digit-growth in 2019 for the second year running. Today, HeleCloud is already a strong contender among the world’s leading suppliers of professional and managed cloud services.

The new office also reflects HeleCloud’s plans for future growth. Based on its rapid growth, the company is poised to expand its team from 60 to over 100 employees, with most of them located in Bulgaria.

“In just a short period of time, we managed to win over 50 customers. Thanks to our superior service delivery, most of those customers are coming back to us with additional projects“, said Stefan Bumov, Deputy CEO & COO. “This applies to our team as well. We grew four times in 2018, proving HeleCloud is among the most desirable employers in Bulgaria.“

Cloud computing has reached a tipping point across Europe. While the demand for Cloud-based services and applications is at an all-time high, those that possess Cloud skills are extremely scarce. This is preventing businesses – big and small – from transforming as CIOs seek guidance on the best approach for Cloud adoption.

The innovative workspaces, offered by HeleCloud’s new office space, is yet another proof of its continuous effort to help develop and upskill its employees. The new office is equipped with the latest technology ensuring that all HeleCloud employees have the freedom to learn and innovate on the job. This helps to keep customer satisfaction high as HeleCloud employees discover new and innovative solutions to existing problems. Earlier this year HeleCloud entered a strategic partnership with Sofia University producing a targeted and specialised course focused on AWS Cloud platform. The course is taught at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics and covers some of the latest technologies in the industry, providing the students with a significant competitive advantage when it comes to the start of their professional careers.