HeleCloud and Telerik Academy are organising an ‘Introduction to Cloud Architectures’ training

HeleCloud in cooperation with Telerik Academy is organising an “Introduction to Cloud Architectures “ presentation on 5 February.

“We, at HeleCloud, are cloud and AWS-born and we enjoy sharing our know-how. The cooperation with Telerik and its actively engaged IT community in Bulgaria gives us the opportunity to present the Amazon Web Services – their functionalities and advantages. Be very welcome to our presentation “Introduction to Cloud Architectures”, said Ivelin Nikolaev, Head of Engineering & Operations, HeleCloud.

The topic will be presented by AWS certified consultants Lyudmil Barzev, Ivaylo Chenchev and Ivaylo Vrabchev. They will introduce the three types of architectures of virtualization, the types of cloud computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Common services, website and serverless infrastructure – these are just some of the more essential fields that the attending audience will become familiar with.

The HeleCloud team will share case studies from company experience and some of the leading clients of AWS.

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