HeleCloud Navigates CCoE for TomTom

HeleCloud Navigates CCoE for TomTom

The Challenge

TomTom is the leading independent location technology specialist, shaping mobility with highly accurate maps,  navigation software, real-time traffic information and services. The company has been an early adopter of the AWS Cloud and built up a large deployment over the years. It slowly became apparent that they needed a central Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) to guide the different teams in the engineering organisation on how to best use Public Cloud and provide training, and guidance.


The Solution

HeleCloud collaborated with TomTom’s Martijn Siereveld, Head of CCoE and his Cloud team to create a CCoE roadmap, including networking, governance, security, cost optimisation and knowledge management. To successfully integrate and expand the CCoE within the organisation, HeleCloud provided recruitment services, mentorship and training services to onboard staff to the CCoE, while remaining a critical part of the core CCoE. In order to create a support base across the TomTom organisation, HeleCloud delivered technical support and guidance in coordination with the dedicated account team for TomTom at AWS. As a part of this, HeleCloud organised a three-part webinar series on security with prominent speakers from AWS, HeleCloud and TomTom.

HeleCloud’s Resource Augmentation Team staffed the AWS part of the TomTom CCoE to support requests such as integrating Transit Gateway into networking and debugging advanced AWS Direct Connect issues together with AWS support staff, maintaining strict data protection guidelines.

Furthermore, HeleCloud was an instrumental part of uniting all of TomTom’s AWS accounts into a single AWS organisation. Together with TomTom’s CCoE, HeleCloud created Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards for the leadership team as well as the entire organisation to view real-time insights and trends. These dashboards directly contributed to TomTom’s cost optimisation efforts and business agility.


The Results

HeleCloud continues to be a proud partner of TomTom to date, continuing the evangelisation of the CCoE as well as best practices approach to AWS throughout TomTom. The CCoE is now a successfully recognised as a trusted entity within the organisation. HeleCloud has successfully ensured knowledge transfer, embedded in TomTom’s CCoE. The governance is ready for the new world of Cloud.

The success of the ongoing partnership has helped shape TomTom’s plans to expand AWS Organisations usage including policies, guidelines and more centralised guidance. Among these plans are growing their knowledge through training, creating a self-service portal for all CCoE services, providing monitoring options for their security team and migrating all accounts to Transit Gateway to reduce the load of the monitoring efforts.

“The HeleCloud Consulting team joined me at the very beginning when setting up the CCoE in TomTom. They helped shape the CCoE and give it credibility in the organisation that is so hard to earn. The team spent endless effort evangelising topics in our AWS roadmap while always helping those who came to CCoE with questions.”

Martijn Siereveld, Head of CCoE, TomTom

TomTom-Case-Study pdf

TomTom-Case-Study pdf

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