Date And Time

Thu, August 13, 2020

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM BST




Grab your coffee and join us to learn more about automating Cloud Account Security with Cloudsploit and Prowler

About this Event

The public Cloud landscape is increasingly changing and requires complex management with a mixture of services, resources and storage.

During this webinar, we will explore utilising Cloudsploit and Prowler to ensure continual awareness over your AWS configuration and management, and begin to automate the process with GitLab CI. Not only will we share the processes, tools and best practises, but we will also provide an insight into the ways HeleCloud are helping businesses make decisions with their data to ensure greater security and compliance of their cloud accounts.


Join this special online webinar to meet Will and learn the processes and best practises using:

  • Cloudsploit
  • Prowler
  • GitLab CI
  • Terraform (for demo)

Thursday 13th August | 10 am BST | 11 am CEST

The format will be informal with time for questions and walkthrough real-life examples.

This event is hosted by AWS Premier Consulting Partner, HeleCloud.

Speaker Bio

Will Hall

Will is a DevOps Consultant at HeleCloud, GitLab Hero and Docker Community Leader. He has been architecting and delivering successful solutions with software since 2005, most recently using DevOps tools and processes with Terraform, Vault and Ansible. He has also been supporting HashiCorp Implementation Services to bring HashiCorp Enterprise tools to companies. He is interested in the evolution of DevOps, exploring the great opportunities to modernise existing applications and infrastructure to run them alongside new tools and services. These include containerisation, serverless and infrastructure as code.

Registration deadline is Wednesday 12th August 2020.