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HeleCloud’s guiding objective is to provide the best business outcome for our customers. We focus on quality, flexibility and responsibility. We believe quality should not just be measured as a percentage test coverage, but should be understood in terms of meaningful, business-oriented metrics.

HeleCloud is fanatical about code quality. We consistently achieve an outstanding 4.5 Sigma quality by following battle-proven development practices. Our teams work the way you work – Agile, Kanban or Scrum – and we keep you in the loop with weekly reporting and frequent code releases.

Big Data

HeleCloud takes huge datasets and makes them useful. We do this using technologies that derive semantic meaning from diverse databases and vast quantities of unstructured data. You get to use data that is already in your organisation in new productive ways, gaining efficiencies and creating new competitive advantages.

HeleCloud can help you accelerate your organisation company’s Big Data revolution. Our experience helping organisations of all sizes means we bring proven strategies that have been successfully deployed across multiple sectors. We brief you on the latest up-to-the-minute advances in Big Data technologies, assist you in designing high-value, high-return solutions and help you minimise risk and optimise the ROI of your technology investment.

We achieve this for our customers through:

  • Solutions design and architecture
  • Semantic data modelling and ETL
  • Text mining and analytics

Development of Scalable Software

At HeleCloud we pride ourselves on code quality, accurate documentation and on-time/on-budget delivery. We work flexibly using Agile methods to stay responsive to changing requirements.

We build efficient and ultra-scalable software systems ready to sustain massive business growth, handling global 24/7 transactions in a reliable and cost-efficient manner.

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