Development of Scalable Software

HeleCloud’s guiding objective is to provide the best business outcome for our customers. We focus on quality, flexibility and responsibility. We believe quality should not just be measured as a percentage test coverage, but should be understood in terms of meaningful, business-oriented metrics.

HeleCloud is fanatical about code quality. We consistently achieve an outstanding 4.5 Sigma quality by following battle-proven development practices. Our teams work the way you work – Agile, Kanban or Scrum – and we keep you in the loop with weekly reporting and frequent code releases.

We are enabling businesses to gather massive volumes of data from the Internet of Things. In near-real time we analyse it, get insights and optimize the Things centrally. This relates to our projects with Bosch (a German multinational engineering and technology company) where we have built from smart grids at national scale to central update of smart cars. 

We help businesses to issue invoicing, receipts, and validate ledger operations at scale of millions users. This fits to the HeleCloud fin focus and relates to our project with Uber where our engineers took part into the creation of the next generation financial backbone. Moreover, our Hedgeserve where we optimise the ledger validation operations to eliminate business downtime. 

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