VanMoof rides into the Future with AWS

VanMoof rides into the Future with AWS

VanMoof is a Dutch company operating internationally. VanMoof designs and produces electric bicycles, which are well known for their stylish and minimalistic design.

The Challenge

VanMoof needed to migrate their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform to the Cloud. As the ERP was managing the day-to-day business, as well as a public facing system, the migration had to be reliable and stable, with the ultimate goal of having a highly available system. Migrating the ERP to AWS was the first step towards achieving that goal. The desired AWS environment needed to have an architecture that was based on freshly commissioned EC2 instances and built using Terraform for Infrastructure as a Code. The workloads needed to be deployed in a test, staging and production environment and the architecture needed to provide resilience at the database level through multi-availability zones.


VanMoof recognised AWS as the leading public Cloud provider that offers the widest range of services with an unparalleled maturity. VanMoof had previously leveraged AWS for various purposes and expect to expand their usage as their business scales.

Why HeleCloud

VanMoof needed a partner with deep AWS knowledge. This led VanMoof to HeleCloud, as HeleCloud is AWS focused and has extensive experience with complex AWS migration projects.

Results Delivered

The engineers of HeleCloud built a solution for VanMoof, which leverages a cloud-native solution to ensure availability and scalability of the service. This allowed VanMoof to save time and to focus on the development of their CRM (Odoo). The setup provides VanMoof with all the metrics to help them to understand the performance of the application and the ability to identify problems faster.

Next Steps

VanMoof and HeleCloud continue to develop their trusted partnership, by HeleCloud providing the 24/7 support, optimisation and management of VanMoof’s AWS environment through the Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), performance management and cost governance Managed Services offering. This allows their teams to fully focus on building their own brand and do what they do best: helping their customers outsmart the cities they live in, by providing city-proof bikes that help shrink long commutes and make riding a bike easier (and more fun) than ever before! HeleCloud is proud to work with VanMoof and ride the future of the Cloud together.



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