Securely enabling SentryBay on their journey to AWS

Securely enabling SentryBay on their journey to AWS

The Challenge

Since 2002, SentryBay has been developing a unique patented technology to provide real-time security solutions in order to prevent a data breach at the end-user device; PC, Mobile and Cloud, when accessing both enterprise and consumer environments. Providing protection from advanced threats at the key points where data is most vulnerable: at point of data entry, during transmission and when exposed to new phishing and malware attacks. During this time SentryBay has gained an impressive reputation within the market and created long term relationships with the largest Blue chip global enterprises, which has led to an ever-increasing demand for their services, therefore SentryBay were keen to take advantage of the scalability of public cloud and were looking for a partner to help them execute on their strategy of migrating their services to AWS, whilst ensuring that they are designed and migrated to take full advantage of AWS whilst ensuring it is highly secure.


The Solution

HeleCloud has been working with SentryBay to develop and execute their Public Cloud strategy, with the first phase being to migrate key client solutions to the AWS platform within very short timeframes. The proposed approached is highly automated and templatised and follows the Infrastructure as a Code principle implemented using tools such as Terraform configuration scripts, which allow further client environments to be quickly deployed onto AWS in a standardised fashion. The entryway systems have been defined in Terraform configuration files, which treats them as code, and enables safe and predictable incremental changes to the environment as the workload requirements change over time. It also minimises the risk of human error and encourages a collaborative approach to enable teams to work together. Ultimately, such a degree of automation and standardisation minimises the risks of accidental or deliberately harmful user activities.

By partnering with HeleCloud for their AWS and HashiCorp expertise, SentryBay are driving forward an aggressive development roadmap that will take their current LAMP stack (Apache Web Servers, RDS MySQL Multi-AZ) and transform it to incorporate a full set of automated CI/CD pipelines, the use of containers and microservices as well as SIEM integration, Security incident response automation, compliance dashboards, as well as incident response and forensic processes. HeleCloud’s focus in the project has also been to establish a secure, compliant, highly available and resilient platform, which follows these principles.


The Results

HeleCloud has been providing technical expertise within the infrastructure (AWS RDS, EC2, EBS & S3), security and compliance domains, Infrastructure as Code and migration expertise, complementing and dovetailing with SentryBay’s pre-existing tech team. HeleCloud has also been providing project management services, and ran the project in alignment with Agile Development Methodologies with Cloud Computing, including Scrum and Kanban.

Following the successful migration to AWS, HeleCloud is providing an on-going 24/7 Operational Managed Service, comprising of the following HeleCloud modules (Cloud Infrastructure Management, Managed Security & Compliance and Cost Optimisation Management).

SentryBay_Case_Study pdf

SentryBay_Case_Study pdf

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