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The third quarter of the year was busy, fast paced and full of big leaps forward for the HeleCloud team. In this update, we’re sharing some exciting company updates, customer projects and collaborations, plus our upcoming events.

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SoftwareONE acquires HeleCloud, a leading independent AWS Premier Consulting Partner in EMEA

September saw SoftwareONE Holding AG, a leading global provider of end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions, announce the acquisition of HeleCloud. With this acquisition, SoftwareONE expands and strengthens its AWS capabilities in the EMEA region, adding a team of highly skilled AWS experts with significant project delivery and managed service capabilities.

Dob Todorov, CEO and Co-founder of HeleCloud, said, “SoftwareONE gives HeleCloud the opportunity to operate at scale, a benefit for our customers. It is the ideal platform for enabling customers of all sizes worldwide to benefit from cloud by using HeleCloud’s  repeatable success patterns and accelerators for cloud adoption. The integration into SoftwareONE will allow our employees to have an even bigger impact. Together with SoftwareONE’s global AWS practice, we will be able to amplify our capabilities and help a broader number of customers with their AWS-cloud adoption.”

What did we do for you this Q?

VanMoof rides into the Future with AWS

VanMoof needed to migrate their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform to the Cloud. As the ERP was used to run the everyday business, in addition to a public dealing system, the migration needed to be secure and stable, with the remaining purpose of having a highly available system. Migrating the ERP to AWS turned into step one in the direction of accomplishing that purpose. The favoured AWS environment required an architecture that was based on freshly commissioned EC2 instances and built using Terraform for Infrastructure as a Code. The workloads needed to be deployed in a test, staging and production environment and the architecture needed to provide resilience at the database level through multi-availability zones.

The engineers of HeleCloud constructed a solution for VanMoof, which leverages a cloud-local way to ensure the availability and scalability of the service. This allowed VanMoof to store time and to concentrate on the improvement in their CRM (Odoo). The setup presents VanMoof with all of the metrics that can assist them to understand the performance of the application and provides them with the ability to identify problems quicker. 

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HeleCloud turbocharges your business performance by unleashing the power of AWS.

Our unparalleled AWS expertise enables us to simplify your journey to the Cloud and on the Cloud. By taking full advantage of AWS’s unique cloud platforms and technologies, you gain the ability to innovate and transform your organisation at speed.

We help you thrive in an age of constant and rapid change.

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What did we do for you this Q?

Upcoming event

Conventional Managed Services vs. Cloud Operations

 Tue, 12 October 2021

 10:00 PM – 11:00 CEST

HeleCloud will host an event focused on:

  • Why you should be using Cloud Operations
  • What is Cloud Operations and how does it relate to Managed Services?

During this online event, Detelina Vassileva, Head of Cloud Operations at HeleCloud, will explain in an informal interview the differences between managed services and cloud operations and why we recently chose to change our managed services department into cloud operations. She will also highlight the new tiered model we recently introduced.

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