Welcoming Martin back to HeleCloud- a quick interview

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I work as a DevOps Engineer in the Cloud Operations team at HeleCloud, based in the Sofia office. I am a huge Amazon Web Services (AWS) enthusiast, and I’m passionate about all things to do with automation. In my free time I enjoy long hikes, skiing, and swimming. That is pretty much me in a nutshell! 

Tell us about your time at HeleCloud 

In 2019 I started as a Cloud Support Engineer and a few years later became one of three Cloud Automation Engineers. We were a small but agile team, and I was in that role for just under two years. I wanted to pursue a career in software engineering (before it got too late!), which I why I originally moved from HeleCloud. 

Why did you come back? 

I really missed my team and the fun we had while solving complex tasks. We all share the same passion for cloud, collaborating and delivering results for customers. We also love using the latest and greatest technologies and discovering the endless solutions that AWS provides.  

I spent a lot of time skilling up on AWS and took full advantage of the learning opportunities that HeleCloud provided. I currently have 11 technical certifications and the AWS Authorized Instructor Program:  

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 

AWS Certified Developer – Associate  

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate  

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate  

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional  

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional  

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty  

AWS Certified Security – Specialty  

AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty  

AWS Certified Database – Specialty  

AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty  

Welcoming Martin back to HeleCloud- a quick interview

This has earned me some bragging rights 😉 

Tell us about your new role 

I am part of the transition team between Professional Services and Cloud Operations, during a customer’s move to the cloud. My role involves working with customers to migrate their existing infrastructures or add new workloads that comply with the Standard Reference Architecture (SRA). Each customer needs to have a landing zone with best practices and security policies, infrastructure as code with terraform, bitbucket repository, and a HeleCloud toolset.  

What changed during the time you were gone? 

HeleCloud is now an AWS Managed Service Provider Partner. We have new customers in the enterprise space, and I imagine, a lot more exciting changes to come. We also just became part of the Software ONE family 😊