Violeta’s HeleStory

Intro/bio: I am Violeta and my HeleStory started about a year ago. Since then, I have met lots of interesting intelligent people doing inspiring things in the cloud. I am delighted to work alongside those people although I still cannot explain to my parents what exactly we do at work.  

Tell us about your role at HeleCloud 

My current role at HeleCloud is Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Business Analyst for cloud-based digital transformations the company leads for its customers. As such, my job is ‘to bridge’ any potential gap between our technical experts, the business needs, and the expectations of our customers. An important part of my role is to lead the Project Discovery Phase where the scope and projected implementation costs are defined, as well as the foundation of a successful outcome. Communication is another important aspect of my role – supporting communication between stakeholders, facilitating user acceptance, demoing progress, collecting feedback. 
In my BA-free time, I engage in pre-sales activities. Pre-sales is quite an interesting, dynamic, and challenging area – you never know what the next customer’s challenge would be. 

What helped you the most in your career development? 

What helped me the most is that I am not afraid of change, and I am eager to learn new things. In my twelve years of active working experience, I have changed my career path and area of expertise three times already. This has broadened my horizon and supplied me with a wide range of knowledge, experience, and capabilities. 

What do you appreciate most about working in an international company? 

The diversity of people, cultures, and professional habits, which we encounter when working in an international company, makes the working experience colourful and enriches us as people.  

What motivates you to go the extra mile when facing challenges daily? 

I am motivated by professional growth, as well as the valuable chance to develop my industry knowledge and upskill. That is something I can really see myself doing when facing challenges in my current role. Another stimulus is the culture of support and within the company, combined with the appreciation we receive from our customers. Within HeleCloud, there are challenges that are coming my way with the sole purpose to be overcome and this motivates me to go the extra mile, as well. 

How has HeleCloud contributed to your professional and personal development? 

HeleCloud gives me the opportunity to work on projects implementing the latest cloud trends and technologies. I also love the culture within the team that supports continuous learning, and upskilling at all company levels. This makes it interesting and stimulating to learn and develop professionally and personally (triggered by the example and lofty standards of my colleagues).