Sofia University and HeleCloud collaboration

According to the Eurostat Cloud Computing study, in 2021, 41% of EU businesses adopted Cloud computing. Currently, we all use Cloud technology to some extent in our daily lives. Universities are facing a challenge, due to constantly changing corporate needs and the growing skills gap. At HeleCloud we have been committed to promoting cloud education for students at Bulgarian universities since its inception in 2016. Our team contributes to Amazon Web Services (AWS) expert knowledge-sharing platforms. 

We have partnered with Bulgarian universities to contribute expertise and support the Cloud education content. For the past four years, this consisted of delivering a comprehensive course on cloud computing for students at Sofia University.  

Our collaboration with the Sofia University. It has been a mutual improvement process, keeping the success levels of the course high throughout the years of partnership. During the pandemic, we adapted the 2021 edition of the course to an online version. In addition, feedback from the students was constantly collected and the course was improved to a practical, and more dynamic version for its last edition in 2022. On average the students graded the course with a 9.3/10 in 2022, which is a proof of us being on the right route to delivering a higher quality of a course. In this version we managed to adopt the new AWS Academy and AWS Educate program formats and use them for the course. A bright group of students gained advanced knowledge of AWS up to a level of AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam preparation.  

At HeleCloud we are  happy to be a part of the Cloud revolution, not only by helping businesses to flourish in the Cloud, but also through fostering cloud talent. HeleCloud is dedicated to expanding this educational program by extending the scope of courses and universities with whom they collaborate, allowing students to gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge of the AWS platform.