Sofia University awards HeleCloud for their successful cooperation

Sofia, June 4, 2019:

Today, during an official ceremony at Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’, the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) awarded HeleCloud for its successful partnership with the department and the university’s career centre.

The AWS Educate Cloud project was first initiated by AWS, in partnership with FMI. HeleCloud built upon this with its creation of a new module entitled ‘Cloud Architectures with AWS, Automation and APIs’, which is part of the curriculum for the Information Security in Computer Systems and Network master’s degree as well as the Software Engineering and Computer Science bachelor’s degree. The module builds knowledge to create architectural solutions and presents some of the most commonly used services and application-programming interfaces related to AWS. Students explore the latest technologies in the industry, providing a competitive advantage to help kick-start their professional careers.

“We [HeleCloud] are delighted to receive this recognition from Sofia University and the FMI department. It is a positive sign that our vested passion to empower the future workforce is enabling students to achieve their own career success. Receiving this award motivates us to work more actively with students, providing them with the specific tools that are in ever-growing demand,” said Stefan Bumov, Deputy CEO & Chief Operations Officer at HeleCloud.

Bulgaria is now 1 of 47 countries across the world that provides students and teachers with free access to the Cloud services platform, labs, and powerful computing that enables dynamic content, video lecture capture and self-paced and distance models.

“Digital transformation is now a matter of existence for businesses all over the world. Cloud adoption is a key pillar of this change. However, it continues to be something of a priority and challenge for businesses – big and small – as specialist Cloud skills remain rare and expensive across Europe,” said Dob Todorov, CEO at HeleCloud.

“This is leaving many businesses with two options: 1) wait 12 months to hire a Cloud specialist into the fold, delaying any progress; or 2) hire a mediocre task for to help with this hefty task. There must be closer collaboration between educational institutions, technology firms, and UK businesses so that skills shortages can be addressed earlier. We [HeleCloud] are extremely proud of our work with AWS and Sofia University.”

HeleCloud will continue to work with educational institutions to motivate young talent and ignite interest and passion for acquiring knowledge and skills to help secure jobs.