Re:Invent 2020 at HeleCloud

| By Walter Heck, HeleCloud Netherlands CTO |

As we dive into the yearly AWS re:Invent chaos, this year is promising to be a bit different than other years: AWS has shifted its annual conference online and will last three weeks,  from 1st December until 18th December. Hundreds of sessions are happening and with that in mind, it’s too much for anyone to make sense of individually. With this post, I wanted to let you know what we have in store both internally as well as externally at HeleCloud over the next 3 weeks.


We have put much thought into how we play our part as a Premier AWS Consulting Partner regarding re:Invent. Considering there is already an overload of content, we felt that there wasn’t added value in supplying more. Similarly, many people will be providing summaries and whilst this is super useful, there is only space for so many summaries!

HeleCloud decided on a slightly different angle: we essentially sell AWS knowledge and have large teams of engineers dedicated to working with AWS day in, day out. So, we are focusing on what is unique to us: our expert opinions and commentary on the announcements at AWS re:Invent. Added bonus: because we are not AWS, we have freedom to be impartial in our analysis. 

  1. You’ll see HeleCloud active over the coming weeks here: Every Friday morning, before the day starts, and the last week on Thursday morning, we’ll be live for a 30-minute session where Detelina Vassileva and yours truly discuss with expert guests the weeks announcements and provide our viewpoint on the consequences for the market. Register here.
  2. We’ll publish blog posts and short videos during and after re:Invent to discuss interesting headlines in greater depth. You can find the blog posts here.
  3. Through the Dutch community, I will be participating in a review of Andy Jassy’s keynote right after it happens. Register here: 
  4. You’ll find us on primarily LinkedIn and twitter sharing interesting tidbits of information and our opinions of the announcements. Follow us on LinkedIn and on Twitter. 


Since our core business is AWS, re:Invent is an important annual event for us. It’s not just the hundreds of announcements that make it interesting, but also the chance to interact with other experts in the field and to connect with parts of the AWS ecosystem you didn’t even know existed.

In the past years, we used to take about 10% of our team to re:Invent, and those spots were always highly sought after. This year, that is not an issue, but we have an entirely new issue: how do we go about and make sure that we don’t have 100+ engineers stopping all work for three weeks to soak in session after session? After all, it’s the end of the year and we are busier than ever. At the same time, we have an opportunity to do something different: instead of 10% of the company spending 5 days focused on nothing but re:Invent, we can now let everyone have a little taste of just the things they care about!

Next to that, we organise keynote watching parties for the most important keynotes. These are happening during the US keynotes, which take place in our evening hours and are fully optional. However, team members who spend private time watching sessions are offered time off in return for content like a blog, video recording or whitepaper.

Lastly, we’ve created an internal chat room for news and discussion regarding re:Invent. This is where we share interesting links, thoughts on talks we watch and pretty much anything else on AWS re:Invent.