Meet the.. HeleCloud General Manager Benelux

Robin Scholten, General Manager Benelux leads the HeleCloud business and manages the office from The Hague, Netherlands. Today he is sharing more about his career path and HeleCloud journey.

Learning from the best

‘The funny fact is, when I was in high school, I always thought I’d work in the chemical industry; I was a real fan of chemistry, achieved good grades and performed well in the subject. But somewhere along the way I took another route. My family created their own company and as a young boy I was intrigued by all aspects associated with leading a business. And so, I started studying Econometrics (also passionate about math at high school) however, looking for a more pragmatic course I settled on the path of Business Economics’.

Upon graduating from University, Robin joined the leading Dutch Telco and IT company KPN, as a management trainee, this opportunity proved to lay the solid foundation on which he built his career on. 

Robin continually developed his career across twenty years at KPN, where he succeeded in several managerial and executive positions. He grew skills and experience across various roles; from dealmaker for the biggest sales projects of the company in the B2B market, to leader of a multi-disciplinary team in Corporate Sales, from leader in product and proposition management for larger Corporate Markets to CEO of a Cloud company that was a subsidiary of the mother company.

‘I took on every role a huge learning experience, especially in the early days of my career. I’ve been fortunate to work with many inspiring and talented people and I truly learned from the best’.

After 20 years of striving and achieving in corporate life Robin took a sabbatical with his family, where they spent quality time together, and he had the opportunity to reflect upon life, aspirations and dreams.  Returning from this contemplative period Robin was ready to make the next step in his career and wanted to find a strong growing technology company.

HeleCloud moves fast

Robin aspired to work at a company that was at the forefront of technology, where he could experience ever continuing innovation. Enter, HeleCloud.
‘I like it when things are moving fast and I was curious as to how things would scale up in a company that is experiencing rapid growth’.

‘When I first met with CEO Dob Todorov, co-founder Stefan Bumov and CTO Walter Heck, I immediately felt a strong connection with them. I believed that with my experience I could really contribute to the growth of HeleCloud and help across the board. At HeleCloud, there is no strong hierarchy. Interns and the CEO can be in the same meetings and have impact. This also allows HeleCloud to move faster’.

Robin thrives in the freedom and space he has to make decisions and grow the Benelux region. He enjoys collaborating, learning and working with both the local and wider team to further develop the region.

HeleCloud in the Benelux

Robin refers to the HeleCloud Benelux region as ‘the best kept secret of AWS’.  HeleCloud is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with huge capabilities and delivery power yet still emerging to the market.

‘From the moment I met with my new colleagues, I was impressed with their capabilities, commitment and passion to make HeleCloud a success. From a commercial perspective there was work to do and we are all striving to make HeleCloud more visible in the region’.

Together with the Benelux team the right strategy and tactics are in place and the results are now visible. Simply put; more people are talking about HeleCloud in the region and more innovative businesses are using the 3 key HeleCloud services; from the AWS cloud native applications development services and building best in breed AWS Infrastructures to the 24/7 state of the art Cloud Operations service.  Robin is convinced the team is on the right track ‘we are currently experiencing a strong growth in customers and revenue, and I have the feeling we only just begun’.

‘The next challenge is to adapt ourselves to the new situation. Our customer base is growing including customers of significant size. With the draught on Cloud talent, we must ensure we can keep serving customers with the same high standards – even better than before. And I believe we haven’t even seen the market potential yet. With the possibilities that our new mother company SoftwareONE will bring, their install base and easier access to the market gives us even more opportunity to realize a very strong growth. We must continue to adapt ourselves timely, keep delivering in the best way we can and maintain focus on what we are best at: realising the full potential of Cloud’.

How does HeleCloud stand out?

‘I think with our rare but crucial mix of services (AWS software application development, master builders of AWS infrastructure supported by AWS cloud operations service) we have a unique position and offering in the Benelux market.  This coupled with our AWS expertise and capability to build on the AWS platform will set HeleCloud in pole position and continue to grow in the Benelux’.

‘HeleCloud attract talented and passionate people, and this makes us attractive to customers, partners and new employees. Following the pandemic, I believe people are rethinking their own futures, as I did during my sabbatical. The HeleCloud culture is to Lead, Learn, Deliver and Belong and we challenge ourselves daily to live these values. This makes us stand out, further facilitate our growth, and I think there are a lot of people out there that would love to join us!’

Where do you think HeleCloud is headed in the future?

‘Focus is the key to success. HeleCloud will further productise the offerings and build new propositions. We need to be aware that however we are living in a world where automation is key, at the end of the day, what we do is people business. HeleCloud will continue to be customer obsessed but do the same with our people. They are the most important asset we have and need’