Meet the …. Head of Cloud Operations


Detelina Vasileva is our Head of Cloud Operations. She is one of the key players at the HeleCloud team and joined when the company consisted of just 40 people. Today she is sharing her story before HeleCloud and how she joined the company.

Lina has graduated in psychology and during her studies, she started working in an IT company, in a not very technical role, to support herself during her studies. However, she got very involved in technology and soon the job on the side she was doing next to her studies, actually became her main profession. She was doing web hosting technical support, then application support for email security products and then the application support for anti-fraud products for the financial sector. Lina has also been a Customer Care manager and which lit her passion for working with customers and helping them.

A travel in time

After joining a company that did not have a very open culture and where she was not able to speak her mind and have her voice heard, Lina joined HeleCloud. ‘’I felt as if I had travelled 20 years into the future, it was just so different’’. She shares that the lack of trust and micromanagement were missing at HeleCloud. ‘’People used to tell me – We’ve hired you, because you know what you’re doing, so here’s all the authority that you need. If you need anything, just present us with the solution that you’re proposing and will approve or reject. And we’ll keep on moving’’.

Lina joined HeleCloud when the team consisted of just 40 people. ‘’We have more than 120 employees now. I started off by recruiting 10 people and then another five, and then now they’re 20 something with the prospects of becoming 40 by the end of the year. So we’ve grown quite a lot, it has been super dynamic, which is great, because if you want a change implemented, you don’t wait for six months or a year. It’s happening quicker than you can imagine’’.

Lina also shared some of her and her team’s achievements at HeleCloud.

I think the best achievements we’ve had as a team is when we help customers transition from something that used to work fine in their data centre setup, but is no longer relevant or adequate, to the Cloud and AWS setup. I feel the greatest achievement we’ve had is teaching our customers how to properly use the Cloud and take the most benefit that they can’.


Lina’s department is working 24/7 shifts to ensure quality service to all customers in all time zones. ‘’In the beginning, it was more difficult because we were just building the service, the whole organisation and skill. So I used to spend hours in the evenings and weekends helping people that are on shift to deal with technical issues, or to manage the customer relationship. But I don’t think I’ve done that for the past three years. I think it was only during the first year when we were just building things.’’

Women in tech

As a woman in a tech-leading position, Lina also shared her thoughts on female leadership. “It’s not a challenge, because I’m female. It’s a challenge, because the Cloud is very dynamic. And I would like to use the opportunity that I am a female technical leader, to demonstrate that this is something that everyone can do. If I can do it, everyone can do it’’ Lina shares that she has not really experienced certain prejudice, not within the company itself. But she remembers the time when she started recruiting people – ‘’I would ask the candidate a technical question, and then he would turn to my male colleague to answer him’’.

Outstanding people

When asked what the main things HeleCloud stands out with, Lina comments: “In HeleCloud, we have an unbelievable amount of people who are very good at more than one thing. In many companies, you get people who specialise in one operating system, but we have people who have specialties across the entire spectrum of infrastructure. We also collaborate a lot and tap into the expertise of people from every department when we need to. It feels really unique to work in a company where we have such a great accumulation of skilled people. And none of them acts as if they share their knowledge, then something bad is going to happen. Everyone wants to share their knowledge and help others’.

The future

Right now, HeleCloud is offering Cloud consulting, Cloud Operations and Software Development Services. When looking into the future Lina sees HeleCloud as “‘Going into a direction where we’re an independent software vendor, where we develop our services into products and start offering Software as a Service solutions or products. You can buy that against the licensing fee and then we can support you on a subscription base. And yeah, I guess that’s how I see the future. One where we tap into the potential of all that we’ve built so far and just standardise it, productize it and that will help us be more efficient’’.