HeleCloud marks another successful year for its joint educational programme with the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Author: Dimitar Vachev, Cloud Training and Performance Manager

Sofia, 17 July 2020: Since 2015 Cloud Technology adoption worldwide has increased by 21% year on year, according to Eurostat Cloud Computing report. In reality, we are all using cloud technology in our daily lives, in one way or another. Constantly evolving business needs combined with an increasing skills gap has created an economic challenge for universities. Since the company was founded in 2016, HeleCloud has been committed to supporting the cloud education, learning and development for students at universities in Bulgaria. HeleCloud is dedicated to contributing to various Amazon Web Services (AWS) expert knowledge-sharing platforms, such as the AWS User Group.

Furthermore, HeleCloud has proactively joined forces with the Universities in Bulgaria to lend expertise and underpin the Cloud education content. For a second year in a row HeleCloud has collaborated with Sofia University to successfully deliver a full comprehensive course for students. HeleCloud remain proud sponsors of the first Cloud education project of its kind to be launched in Bulgaria.

HeleCloud introduced AWS Educate, an AWS grant programme for students, educators and academic researchers to Sofia University with the pilot course, and continually seek to improve, learn and develop the custom content, practical learning and student experience of the course. The joint educational project between Sofia University and HeleCloud has proven to be innovative in such a tight and successful cooperation between the business and the University.

HeleCloud created an intensive, fully optimised course and included the services and content required for an AWS SA Associate Certification. To engage students, the programme content was enriched with industry best practices, demos and practical exercises. HeleCloud top senior engineers and consultants taught the cloud content using pragmatic hands-on examples and sharing real-life scenarios.

The course attendance trebled in year 2 to over 55 students and was adjusted to an online format as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Despite the programme being delivered virtually it was successful as many students completed the course with the desire and appetite to deepen their cloud knowledge and skills further.  The satisfaction level ranked amongst the students was 100% positive (60% marked as excellent and 40% as very good) with 80% happy to recommend the course to their fellow students.

HeleCloud is proud to be part of the Cloud revolution, not only by enabling organisations to grow their business in the Cloud, but also supporting the Cloud talent. HeleCloud is committed to continuing to develop their educational programme further by widening the scope of the courses and the universities they partner with and enabling students to get hands-on experience and practical knowledge in the AWS platform.