Bilyana’s HeleStory

  1. How did your HeleCloud journey begin?

My journey at HeleCloud started about a year ago. I had just graduated finished from University and I wanted to gain more experience in software development, so I applied for the Helevator program of HelelCloud. This course is a special course created for graduated University students to gain more knowledge about cloud computing. This is how the ‘’After successfully finalising the program, I got the opportunity to conduct an internship at HeleCloud. After finishing my internship, I was offered a fulltime position as Junior Software Developer.

I am very happy to be part of the company and I am very grateful for the knowledge and opportunity the HelEvator program gave me.

  1. Tell us about your role at HeleCloud

My current role at HeleCloud is Software Developer in the Research & Development department. For almost a year I have been working on a cloud-based project, and I am responsible for development and support. I feel very lucky to work on such an interesting project that gives me opportunity to learn new things every single day.

  1. What helped you the most in your career development?

During my internship I was able to gain a lot of practical knowledge, that in my opinion, you won’t get at University. The eagerness to learn new things, the teamwork, and my ability to adapt easily is what helped me the most in my career development.

  1. What do you appreciate most about working in an international company?

The opportunity to meet people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. This way I can learn more about other cultures.

  1. What motivates you to go the extra mile when facing challenges daily?

What motivates me the most is the satisfaction you get when you see the result of your work. Small successes motivate me to continue with my work and face the challenges that come my way.

  1. How has HeleCloud contributed to your professional and personal development?

Thanks to the project I’ve been working on, I’ve acquired many new skills that are useful, both in my personal and professional life. HeleCloud provides many certification opportunities, and I am currently on my way to obtain my first AWS certification.